James and Lucy | Peckforton Castle 9th September 2017

Thank goodness James and Lucy booked Peckforton Castle, a venue not relying on good weather. On arriving, heavy rain meant many of the roads were flooded, I don’t think the girls even noticed it had rained, champagne was already flowing and the tunes blasting (no Bieber though – Lucy not a fan) what more do you want!

I did a quick trip down to the Gatehouse where the boys weren’t organised at all and James was still in the shower, oh lordy. Time was of the essence, so they just grabbed whatever they could get their hands on for some quick Photographs, which as you can imagine weren’t very conventional in the end.

Lucy looked exquisite, although I think she would even in a paper bag. With the much anticipated arrival of Maggie, Lucy’s baby (Border Terrier), we had her smuggled into the room so a new collar and flowers could be added as she had a very important job, chief Ring Bearer.

The Great Hall was the setting for a fairytale Wedding, with olive branches lining the aisle. We had the added bonus of a balcony that overlooked the ceremony which made for incredible pictures. Maggie did not disappoint and did her best at stealing the show. It looked like we were going to get a break in the rain, so Peter (Master of Ceremonies) used his best organisational skills so we were able to orchestrate the group shots with record speed.

AMAZING portraits of James and Lucy, they were so accommodating and it certainly paid off as you can see in their final images. Fantastic guests who totally knew how to party and filled the dancefloor, provided us with the material to shoot some awesome Photographs finishing the day in style.

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